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Investor-Owned Partnership

Outpatient surgery performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers has grown dramatically over the last decade because of significant clinical and economic advantages to patients, physicians and the health care industry. Physicians benefit from the efficiencies of the outpatient setting and economics from ownership. There are various ownership models which we can develop to meet the interest of our physicians or hospital systems partners.


Having developed surgery centers from the ground up, we’re accustomed to all of the steps necessary to get up a state-of-the-art surgical center up and running. It is very common for physicians or physician groups to be cautious when considering such a project. American Surgical Centers handles the entire process, working with you to customize the center to meet the needs of your local market and activity level. We have a proven business model and development process. Let us provide you with a plan to evaluate.

Investor Owner


AAAHC and CMS Audit Certification


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Growth Rate

Increased Procedures Year over Year

Why partner with us?

American Surgical Centers sets the standard for developing a surgery center.

Our practiced team will handle the entire planning process with industry experts – Budgeting, Construction, Financing, Licensing & Certification will all be handled by our team of professionals

Investing in Your Future

Our financial model of developing and owning an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) allows our partners to share in the facility fee revenue for outpatient surgery cases along with the real estate aspect. An outpatient surgery center also allows you to provide convenient, cost effective care for your patients. Ownership in an ASC is an investment in the future success of your practice while providing a superior patient experience.

Financial Transparency

Our financial leaders have decades of experience and will provide in-depth analysis to help grow your business. The synergies provided by our financial systems, administration, and billing leads to superior profitability and performance.

Making a Trusted Partner

At American Surgical Centers, we strive to build mutually beneficial business relationships with physicians by providing a range of strategic and operational services that ensure your focus remains on your patients.

We are uniquely positioned to help you reduce inefficiencies while providing superior care. Our unique skill sets provide the elements you desire in a business partner.

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