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Your strategic partner in Ambulatory Surgery Center development

The work of building and operating a new Ambulatory Surgery Center can be daunting. There are complex regulatory requirements, critical timelines to manage, and risks of costly, catastrophic hurdles before you’re able to open the doors.


We can help make it easy! We can partner with you through the entire process of planning, building, and operating a new facility from the ground up. Our dedicated team of hands-on, detail-oriented clinical and operational experts can provide guidance at every step, and our solutions ensure you have everything you need for efficient, cost-effective, world-class patient care on day one.










Four key steps to developing your Ambulatory Surgical Center

Whether you’re just getting started or 3 months from opening – we’ll be able to provide valuable insights and guidance to help you streamline the process and maximize your investment.


What we’ll do

No two ASCs are exactly the same – and no two ASC development projects are exactly the same either. We will work together to develop a tailored solution based on the unique needs of your new ASC and where you are in the development process.


We run through a four-step process that simplifies everything from start to finish:

    1. Develop and implement a detailed and documented plan
    2. Construct the surgery center to the specific needs required
    3. Begin operation of the center and collect operational and financial data on performance
    4. Review the data and adjust as needed to maximize efficiency, profitability, patient outcomes, and compliance


Here are some of the ways we can support you and your new ASC:

    • Develop a profitable financial model. Our leadership team includes Certified Public Accountants, who are passionate about financial disciplines
    • Work with State and local regulatory agencies to apply for a Certificate of Need (where applicable).
    • Create a custom project plan to manage surgical center opening timelines – from breaking ground to opening doors
    • Work with our bank network to secure independent competitive financing to fund your ASC
    • Manage licensing and credentialing needs
    • Provide tailored equipment and supply recommendations with our procurement specialists, based on your unique needs
    • Support the setup, staffing requirements, and stocking of your facility with our broad portfolio of products and services
    • Provide continued day to day support for both your operational and administration needs


Getting started

We’ll work together to create a customized project plan based on where you are in the process and the unique needs of your new ASC. This plan will provide a roadmap to help us prioritize tasks and manage timelines for a successful and professionally executed opening.

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